About Us

Fermentech GSV is a technology driven startup in biotechnological and chemical products by means of innovative research, sustainable manufacturing and product development primarily but not limited to applications in food ingredients, bio- pharmaceuticals, environment, cosmetics and agriculture.

The directors, Mr. Sathyavrathan P. and Dr. G.R. Gopi are recipients of biotechnology ignition grant (BIG) of BIRAC, DBT, Gov. of India. The product development and innovation centre of the company are supported by Technology Business Incubator funded by DST- Ministry of science and technology, Gov. of India located in PMU campus, Thanjavur.

Nisin, an anti-microbial peptide for applications in food processing and bio-pharma (anti-cancer) is one of the pipeline products of the company. Fermentech GSV aims to grow as the largest manufacturer of nisin in Indian subcontinent to meet the demand from dairy and other food processing industries. Another preamble of the nisin project is to reach the grass roots of the country’s food factories to amicably use nisin to enhance the shelf life of idli/dosa batter, pasteurized milk products and processed fruit juices.

Factory with fully equipped fermentation and downstream processing facilities is at SIDCO Industrial estate (Palayapatti), Tiruchirappalli-Thanjavur Highways, Tamil Nadu.